The first telephone exchange in Colo was owned by the Boone County Telephone Company. The switchboard was located in rooms above the Colo Savings Bank. In 1906, interest was generated in obtaining a locally owned telephone company. An offer to buy Boone County Telephone’s poles, wire, switchboard and the Colo franchise for $600 was turned down.

Undaunted, the Johnson’s Grove, Colo & New Albany Mutual Telephone Company was officially formed. The mutual decided to negotiate a long distance contract with Bell Telephone. By January 1907, Boone County Telephone Co. stopped providing all local service but retained ownership of the toll lines.

In 1957 a new aerial cable plant and headquarters building was constructed to house Colo’s first automatic central office, ending the era of the local operator. An all one-party buried cable plant was constructed in 1968, again with a new central office. Colo converted to digital switching in 1985 and a replacement digital switch was installed in 1995.


larrycolo@netins.net  Larry Springer, General Manager, CEO – joined Colo Tel in September 2003

decolo@netins.net  DeAnne Luke, Office Manager – joined Colo Tel in August 1997

juliecolo@netins.net Julie Willis, Customer Service Rep – joined Colo Tel in May 2003

davecolo@netins.net Dave Larson, Plant Technician – joined Colo Tel in July 1997

daves@colotel.org Dave Shaffer, Plant Technician – joined Colo Tel in October 2014


Allan Armbrecht – President

Amy Lennie – Vice President

Edythe Lounsbury-Meller – Secretary

Fred Cerka

Deb McIntosh-Flaherty

Pete Heintz

Rich Mack

 Company Mission & Vision Statements


To be the communication company that fulfills our customers’ needs and exceeds their service expectations allowing us to continually reinvest in new technologies to ensure the continued growth of our company and creating beneficial relationships for our employees, shareholders and communities in which we continue to do business as we have for over 100 years.


* Be an innovator in the electronic communications industry in our market area and provide packages of services that offer high value to the consumer, a profitable return to our company and its shareholders.

* Be a good citizen in the communities served by engaging in open, honest and direct communication.

* Be ever mindful of our obligations to our employees with training, support and a working environment that maintains a focus on meeting the needs of customers with a positive attitude.