Colo Telephone Company is a quality telecommunications provider who provides basic and enhanced services at reasonable rates within its service territory. Basic services are offered at the following rates:

Business Pricing

If you are interested in service for your business, call us at (641) 377-2202 to discuss your needs so we can design a customized solution just for you!

Basic Residential Single Line

Colo Telephone Company is a quality telecommunications provider who provides basic and enhanced services at reasonable rates within its service territory. Basic services are offered at the following rates:

Single party, voice grade residential service, including local usage $22.50/month
Single party, voice grade business service, including local usage $22.50/month
Federal Subscriber Line Charge – Single Line $ 6.50/month
Directory Assistance $ .50/per call
Includes three FREE features with service.

Touch Tone service is provided as part of the local service rate. Customers have access to toll carriers of their choice, at rates established by those carriers. Toll Blocking is available at no charge for low income customers that qualify. Emergency 911 Services. Surcharge for 911 services are assessed at governmental rates.

Basic services are offered to all consumers in the telephone company’s service territory at rates, terms and conditions specified in the Company’s Service Agreement. If you have any questions regarding the Company’s services, please call (641)377-2202 or visit the business office at 303 Main Street, Colo for further information.

One month local service, hook-up and *deposit must be paid in advance before service will be activated. *Your deposit amount will be refunded at the end of 1 year if you DO NOT receive ANY disconnect notices or have had no checks returned by the bank. The deposit refund will appear as credit on your monthly telephone bill.

There will be a service charge to reconnect service after it has been disconnected.

Our bills are mailed on the first of each month, due upon receipt, delinquent on the 20th of the month and disconnected on the 25th if payment has not been received. Accounts not paid by the 20th will have a late payment fee of 1.5% added to their account. Payment in full is required each month to avoid disconnection. Recurring monthly charges are billed for the current month and the long-distance charges are at least one month behind. The only long-distance carriers that ColoTel bills for is ColoTel Long Distance, AT&T and INS. Other long-distance companies may send a separate bill.

Basic Residential single line $22.50/month
Basic Business single line $22.50/month

Low income individuals may be eligible for Lifeline telephone assistance programs which provide for discounts from the basic local service charges through specified governmental programs.

LIFELINE Is a plan that assist qualified low-income Iowans by providing a monthly reduction on their telephone bill. This reduction varies by service provider and can range up to $10.

Rates (effective October 1, 2019):

Service Calls                  $ 80.00
(hourly rate-1/2 hr minimum)
Service Calls (after hours) $ 120.00
(hourly rate-1/2 hr minimum)
*Our technicians will not be dispatched after business hours for Internet or IPTV trouble.  A work order will be prepared for the next business day.  After hour telephone repair will be completed after hours – note if trouble is a customer issue, after hour service call rate will be applied.
*Time begins when truck leaves garage.
Materials (charged accordingly)
Move Service Fee          $  30.00
Reconnect Fee  (per service)       $  30.00
Season Reconnect Fee  $ 30.00
Returned Check Fee       $ 20.00
Maintenance Agreement (Mthly)   $5.00

(Covers all standard wiring (cat3,cat5,cat6) currently installed, for telephone, Internet & IPTV services in the home.)

Colo Telephone Company maintains the highest standards of ethical conduct in all marketing activities and is committed to complying with all federal and state laws.

No employee or agent of Colo Telephone Company shall engage in telemarketing practices that violate the provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, the Federal Trade Commission’s Telephone Sales Rule, or applicable state regulations. In performing its duties under these requirements, Colo Telephone Company provides a written copy of this Do Not Call Policy to all personnel or entities that make calls for telemarketing purposes on behalf of Colo Telephone Company. In addition, training is provided to all business office personnel and any agent personnel engaged in telemarketing on Colo Telephone Company’s behalf, to ensure knowledge with regard to the existence, use and maintenance of the Do Not Call Policy and associated Do Not Call list.

Any residential customer who does not wish to receive sales calls from Colo Telephone Company can ask to place their telephone number on the Colo Telephone Company Do Not Call list. In compliance with federal and state laws, a record will be created to document the request and the telephone number will be added to the Do Not Call list. Removing the telephone number from sales programs currently underway may take thirty (30) days.
· To add a residential telephone number to the Do Not Call list, present a request in writing to the address below or call 641-377-2202 for residential accounts. The request requires specific information including a name, address and telephone number.
Attention: Do Not Call List Administrator
Colo Telephone Company
303 Main Street, PO Box 315
Colo, Iowa 50056
· If the request includes multiple telephone numbers, each number must be listed.
· The requested number will be placed on the Do Not Call list for five years, unless service to the Colo Telephone Company number terminates, or a request is made to remove the number from the list.
· If a requestor changes telephone numbers, a new request must be presented for the Do Not Call List to retain a restriction on telemarketing activities.
Being on Colo Telephone Company’s Do Not Call list ensures the requestor that sales calls will not be initiated by anyone at or representing Colo Telephone Company. The requestor may still receive communications from Colo Telephone Company for non-telemarketing purposes, such as surveys, billing and other service-related matters.

Please note that Colo Telephone Company’s Do Not Call List restricts marketing contacts from Colo Telephone Company only. Additional telemarketing restriction is available via the National Do Not Call List, available by calling 1-888-382-1222, or going online at Colo Telephone Company respects our customer’s right to privacy.